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North East Scotland TREC was set up in 2009 to promote the sport in this
area. We hold various events at all levels including training days, training competitions, mini events and full two day qualifier competitions. We are affiliated to TREC GB and hold competitions towards the national TREC GB league as well as our own NEST members league. We try to make events accessible to all, so choose venues all over the North East from Huntly , Tomintoul  to Alford and many places in between.

Over the winter we normally run a training session once a month and a winter series competition once a month at indoor venues. These have been very popular and great fun.  

In the summer we try to hold
an event 1-2 times a month, we have been fortunate to be able to access some spectacular farm land, forest tracks and beaches

We try to run a qualifier for the TREC GB National champions each year for those who would like to travel and compete at Championship level. It is still a fun social event for those that want to meet up with like minded people. With more members and helpers participating we are hoping to increase these events.

Placings for members from events attended during the year count towards our Points League, with trophies and prizes presented at the end of the year at the NEST Christmas Lunch, where we also run a raffle for local charities. 

NEST also runs events to support the local RDA at Oyne.

NEST is a member club of TREC GB, the governing body for TREC in the UK.

The sport of TREC originated in France as a way of testing and providing
competition for Trail Ride Guides but has evolved over the years into a
hugely popular and exciting sport.

Introduced to Britain about 10 years ago it is very rapidly growing in this
country, due in the main to its friendly, approachable nature.  Competitions
have a relaxed and family feel, with a high emphasis on the social side.

TREC is suitable for horses and riders of all ages and ability, it is not necessary to have a special breed or size of horse to take part.  The nature of TREC is that many riders take great joy from simply improving their own scores from one competition to the next. Others riders are much more competitive and are out to win!

Being a “Trecci” you can be as competitive as you choose, it’s up to you – the
main objective is building the bond with you horse and enjoying yourself.

There are three phases to a TREC competition:- orienteering (POR), control of paces (MA) and obstacles (PTV). (The abbreviations originate with the French names for the phases.) The three Phases are designed to test harmony and horsemanship and the ability of horse and rider to deal with situations they may meet whilst out riding.  

TREC is one of the few sports where participants can compete as a pair (in the orienteering phase).

The Phases are run at 4 Levels, with Level 1 being achievable by most riders
and horses, up to Level 4 which requires considerable skill and fitness on the part of both horse and rider.

Photo by kind permission of Kris Clay, TopGearPhotos

Phase 1 is Orienteering (POR) – Riders follow a set route on a map at given speeds. Check points are placed along the route, riders do not know the locations of the checkpoints. Distances range from 10km at Level 1 to 40km at Level 4.




Phase 2 is Control of Paces (COP) – Riders must canter a set distance as slowly as possible and return the same distance in walk as quickly as
possible.  The highest marks are awarded for the slowest canter and the fastest walk. The horse may not break gait or all points will be lost.


Photo by kind permission of Kris Clay, TopGearPhotos

Phase 3 is Obstacle Course (PTV) – generally considered to be the most exciting! – a course of 16 obstacles of the type a rider would meet whilst out riding, some are negotiated whilst leading the horse and others whilst mounted. No obstacle is compulsory, but all must be negotiated in a controlled, accurate manner.


TREC is a very flexible sport that can be enjoyed by any rider and horse combination regardless of age, ability or size – but to be really good requires much practice and dedication.  Above all, TREC is a fun way to spend time with your horse or pony as well as being a very social sport.
TREC GB is the governing body for TREC in the UK and a more detailed description of the sport and all 3 phases can be found on www.trecgb.com 

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