Anna and Lola – Low branches

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02/05/22 After sadly having to postpone the first full one day competition in April due to snow the re-arranged date is Sunday 10th July, and due to not all previous competitors being able to make the date there is a few spaces. We also have training at Mosswood, Tough Alford, AB33 on 14th May with Amanda and a MA/PTV competition at Mosswood on the 5th June. I hope to see you all out and about soon.  

31/03/22 The last of winter series at Ladyleys last Sunday was a great success with the sun shining and some lovely rounds. Well done to everyone that attended our winter series. Provisional league results are on the League page and will be updated asap.  We have a big qualifier competition on Sat 9th. All 3 phases in one day. We are also hoping Jen will complete her TD training on the day and be  signed off as a fully fledged TD.  Fiona Grant will be running some indoor training for In hand, young and people who want more indoor practice over the summer. Dates will be out soon. We are hoping to run at least 2 more 1 day full events and looking at a training camp too, so watch this space. Roll on summer. 

13/03/22 Our last training at Oyne this weekend went well. I can’t believe that the winter season is nearly at an end. Not that I am sad to see the back of winter and looking forward to the summer and long days of horse fun. The sessions have been really well attended with new faces, I hope we have some new TREC converts. Well done everyone and a big thanks you to the Mardons’ for use of your venue and being so  welcoming, our fab trainers Fiona and Amanda, and all the setter uppers and taker downers as TREC is highly reliant on it’s fab volunteers.  Head over to our facebook page for lots of videos. 

08/03/22 Lots going on behind the scenes at the moment. We will be having our first summer one day full level 1 and 2 TREC GB qualifier on Sat 9th April at Holmhead, Cushnie, Alford. It was the only date we could get the lovely Helen Wain up. We are also hoping for Jen to be signed off as a full TD and then we will be independent within the NEST group for running full competitions. Watch out for more details. 

03/02/22  A bit late posting an update but what a few days it’s been! I hope you all have power back on and are connected to the world.  Super competition at Ladyleys this was the one cancelled by storm Arwen and we were very glad not to have been facing  storm Malick. Great to see everyone there, the day was busy and passed very quickly. More judges getting there cards signed too.  Both training and the competition for February dates are full thank you. March entries open. See you all soon. 

Dot with youngster Rumour showing us how not to do the Bramble Tangle. Both went under the obstacle no problems but the Dot knocked the dangles and they ended up on Rumours back. Dot carried on to trot the ridden corridor with these bouncing on  Rumours back.  Rumour bless her didn’t bat an eyelid.  

19/01/2022 – We held our AGM and league presentations at the Lochter on Sunday. Restrictions were in place and it wasn’t the same but we did manage it and it was lovely to see everyone.  An official NEST newsletter will be emailed directly so all members with details from the AGM and for a full details of the league and winners please go to the league page. 

Dot with youngster Rumour In hand champion and Tia Level 2 champion.

Miller showing of his league rosettes. 

11/01/22 – Back to it for the New Year with all the promise of things to come. We all know it doesn’t just happen we have to work to get what we want. We had a great start to the year with Oyne training full. Slightly hampered with the weather as a couple of people couldn’t get to the roads due to ice, but most managed it and a good time was had by all. Thank you once again to our dedicated instructors Amanda and Fiona . 

19/12/21 – It’s a wrap, the final event for 2021. We would like to wish all our members and supporters Happy Xmas and all the very best for 2022. Our AGM/League presentations will be on 16th Jan (fingers crossed)  and we look forward to seeing you in 2022, but for now our committee are going to have a well deserved rest. 

19/12/21 – Didn’t we have fun today at Ladyleys for the final event of 2021. The Xmas trees, the big baubles and the fancy dress both human and horse. Cracking turnout and effort from everyone, well done.  More photo’s on our facebook page. Results will be out soon. 


14/12/21 – We had Xmas fun at Belwade on Sunday.  I asked WHW if we could hire their arena, as the cold and wet was not appealing to me. Fortunately they were free and apart from parking  being a bit tight the facilities were excellent.  We had some new faces too. The xmas course confused a few and worked out a bit harder than I imagined. Well done to everyone who came and had fun INDOORS with their ponies. I will try and get some more dates at Belwade in the New Year. Also it looks promising for a possible one day summer event with parking in a field 





Your entry form  will be sent to admin from this and you will be emailed with times nearer the event. Admin may contact you for more information eg Horse vaccinations etc.  If you are having trouble or have further questions please email admin. 


REFUNDS WILL NOT NORMALLY BE ISSUED ONCE TIMES ARE ISSUED.  THIS IS BECAUSE THE CLUB HAS COMITTED TO THE EXPENSES,  EG ARENA HIRE / INSTRUCTORS. However, if we can find a replacement for your slot or NEST has to cancel due to weather or other reasons we will issue a refund.  


07/12/21 We had to cancel last Saturday’s training due to ice and people clearing up after storm Arwen. However after the rain melting the ice we did manage to run Sundays training. Lovely to see Xmas ponies and people. Lets hope the weather is kind to us for Deeside 3 and Ladyleys Xmas special. 

02/12/21  As storm Arwen wreaked havoc in the North East our Ladyleys2 competition was postponed. We have now rescheduled the date for Sunday Jan 23rd and all entries will be carried forward to this date. Please message us if you are now unable to make the new date and a refund will be arranged.  

15/11/21 Deeside 2  We held out breath after last weekend especially as Kim’s is an outside school. Thankfully we had lady luck shining on us with the weather on Sat. Great to see new faces  having a go and some lovely baby ponies experiencing TREC on their first outings into the wide world in the morning training sessions.  The afternoon flew by with the experienced TRECCIES doing their rounds. Great scores and only half a point between 1st and 2nds in the pairs class, now that’s close. Great fun.  

7/11/21 Well that was an interesting weekend! Set up at Oyne 2 went well on Sat and lesson started on time. Fiona had a full house.  The weather gods weren’t playing on Sun with high winds making it unsafe for some to travel. However, some did manage to get there (also a few liveries from on site) the show did go on although in a lesser capacity. New obstacle the Bramble Dangle (foam noodles dangling down) but no reports of any horse trouble and it sounds like it went down well, even the new to TREC had a good time. Roll on Deeside 2 next weekend. 




31/10/21 Our first session back at Ladyleys – 1 this winter series. What a day with wind and rain, I was very glad we were indoors. On top of that the hour changed so people driving home in torrential rain in the dark winter is upon us, yuk!! Super turnout and rounds and some Halloween costumes too! Scores on the way. 

12/10/21 Last Saturday and Sunday we had our first winter weekend training at Oyne – 1. Lovely to be back at Sean’s yard and loving the revamped surface which makes the arena look twice the size! 5 classes on each day,  with Fiona and Amanda. Great to see so many faces new and old, coming to the winter training. At Oyne we set up the course that we are going to use when we go to the following  “proper” competition at Ladyleys. This is with the aim to give everyone the confidence to come and have a go at ours and TREC GB’s nationwide winter league. Classes for all levels. We also run the in hand scored round on the Saturday with Fiona at Oyne, as she is a trained judge.  Come and have fun building trust with your pony at our informal and relaxed sessions.  


05/10/2021 Today we cleared out the equipment trailer and sorted it out for the winter season. Gosh we have a lot of stuff and the trailer is like the Tardis. 

Food and tea always involved. 


04/10/2021 – Knock Huntly – Summer MA/PTV – Our last summer style outside competition of 2021, as we move to mainly indoors till next spring. What can I say, earlier in the week I thought we might have to cancel as the forecast of heavy rain, wind and at one point lightning. It was not looking good! Bit the day started bright, clear and dry, and although it got a tad cold and windy in the afternoon the rain stayed off until the journey home. The venue at Knock x country course looked stunning. Everyone said the course rode really well and the bogie obstacle was the last one, Park your horse. More training required! We had more judges getting another tick on their judges card. Provisional results are out and it was also the last competition to count for the summer league so we can look forward to those results too. No action shots but some lovely venue shots coming soon. 

27/09/2021 –  Deeside 1 – Our first training and competition at Kimberly Marshall’s outdoor arena at Lumphanan. The weather was fantastic. If only it could be like that all the time! A bit of a late start with some minor hic cups, which were quickly sorted. The new bridge went down very well, no one had too much trouble with it, just the odd “really you want me to walk on that” question and then after testing it was safe plodding over it nicely. 3 lessons in the morning  with a scored round after and all well attended with 2 ladies coming all the way from Perth. In the afternoon we ran a slightly changed format for the competition. 10 obstacles with the COP built in. We decided to use a fixed time on the 50m COP, in the slow canter over 11 seconds got you a score of 10 points, and under 11 seconds but over 10 seconds you scored 5 points if you did not leave the corridor or broke pace. In the fast walk under 24 seconds got you 10 points and under 30 seconds but over 24 seconds got you 5 points.  A lovely relaxed competition with many laughs and smiles. We even got 3 newly trained probationary judges having their first step to being signed off. Great to see some new faces and here’s hoping the next one at Kim’s at least dry!

Rein back

Scary Tarp


Ridden Corridor



Neck rein


22/09/2021 A Big thank you to Dot for allowing us use of her facilities last weekend, when we held our first judges training for a while. 20 of us got together under a Covid friendly big barn at Dot’s while Jen gave the TREC GB judges presentation. Hot lunch was provided to keep us warm in case of cold weather and there was copious amounts of home bakes and hot drinks in true Treccie style.  It turned out to be a glorious day and we had a demo outside  for some different scenarios using’s Dot’s horses. Rosie and Tia gave us some good ridden demos to discuss and Sheila with cheeky Rumour provided us with the in hand demo’s. The group had lots of discussions and asked lots of testing questions. All passed with flying colours. As a provisional judge they will need to be signed off  3 times on each phase of TREC to become a fully qualified Judge, but in the meantime if you see lots of discussions going on over winter competitions this is what will be happening. The more judges there are the more we can spread the work load as the club grows. Without our judges we have no competitions. Next time you ride past a judge smile and say thank you it will be appreciated.        

01/09/2021 – Last weekend we had our first competition at Philorth near Fraserburgh.  Michele and Vicki organised their first competition with me being a back seat driver, and I think we can all agree they did a cracking job. They didn’t even need the NEST trailer, they had everything to hand, even arranging hot drinks and snacks for the judges. The weather didn’t quite know what to do with its self but remained mostly dry. Not a huge turn out but a nice number. I hope this will grow and take TREC to the tip of the North East. The course rode quick with some good hoollies in between the challenges of the obstacles, some slightly hidden in the long grass. We had some lovely local judges who were roped in from Buchan riding club who enjoyed watching us and thought they might like a go themselves. Great venue and I hope that we can use it in the future for a full competition. Nudge, nudge Michele and Vicki!!!! If anyone else who  fancies having a go at organising full support will be given, just get in touch.


23/08/2021 – Over the weekend we had 15 NEST members travelling from the North East to Ovenstone in Fife, where TREC Scotland were hosting the Scottish TREC Championships to either compete or judge. The journey took approx 3 – 4 hours. The orienteering on Sat was in the rain, although it was warm and didn’t affect the riding much. The map was a typical Karen Waite (traceur) route  with lots of twists, turns and loops. It was an amazing ride, mostly on field margins with some good canters on the straight bits (when we knew which direction we were heading) Up the hill in the mist, very odd when horse and riders clad in hi viz appear out of nowhere. Not sure who was more spooked us or the horses. The stunning views were hidden for another time! We all got home, tired but safe and sound having had excellent riding and brains tested. Sunday was a better day with the great PTV on the Ovenstone cross country course followed by a lovely straight MA. It certainly was challenging and lots of giddy horses out on the course, but we all came away smiling.  Barbara and I popped into Costco on Thursday night and bought enough food to sink a ship, and Anna’s mum and Dad had brought the caravan for Anna and Dot to use with an awning so we made that NEST HQ for the weekend. It was great sitting with easy chat flowing, lots of laughter, eating and drinking in-between our rounds and of course the kettle was always on. Nearly like old times! The NEST team did great in the results too. Here are the official placings – Level 1 Pairs  Michele & Vicki 1st. Victoria and Virginia 4th. Sheila & Kate 5th. Level 2 pairs Clare and Elodie 2nd, Jen and Barbara 3rd. Level 2A Pairs Dot and Anna 1st. Level 2 Individual Rosie 3rd.  A couple of special mentions. Elodie got the highest PTV score of the day with 148 points out of a max 160 points from 50 riders, you can check out a video of her round on the NEST Facebook page. Sheila and Kate got highest scoring Level 1 POR. Anna and Dot were competing in their first Level 2A, Michele and Vicki were competing in their first ever full TREC competition and away from home. Barbara was competing in her first Level 2 full competition.  Victoria’s horse has only ever been to one TREC training and it was their first time away from home and Virginia’s baby horse Flash also stepped up to the challenge. Lots of firsts and personal achievements which go way beyond the showing of the results. Thank you to Janet and Margaret supporting us. Happy but tired NESTies. 

Just had to share Anna’s and Lola’s amazing jumping skills. 

05/07/2021– Yesterday we had our MA/PTV competition at Dinnet on the Deeside Pony Club field. When we set the course up on the Friday we were surprised to find a Working Hunter course had grown where we planned to have some obstacles, Oops! We had to wait to finish setting up until Sunday morning. Then we had a few poorly judges, with broken bones, broken tooth (not the same person) and a few other obstacles thrown in the way, including getting bread for the judges rolls (who would have thought) Anyhow an early start to finish getting the course ready.  We had all sorts of weather thrown at us poring rain and a threat of thunder, my husband said “and you do this for fun?” YES!!! The start ran a little bit later than planned, the rain stopped and we soon caught up. Lovely course, lots of smiling faces. Covid heads still on for some people and horses, not quite used to getting out and about with an occasional buck thrown in. The ditch seemed to be the bogie fence.  Some super rounds and great seeing riders hard working showing in the scores.  A lovely day, with lovely riders, judges and horses,  great results and we cleared the course in sunshine. It always surprises me how each event throws up new challenges for horses, riders and organisers. Roll on the next one. 

07/06/2021 – We had our first competition at Mosswood at the end of May be it only the MA/PTV and what a great day it was. The sun was shining at last, and lots of smiley faces. The course took a few by surprise and some wrong turns were taken. I think a course walk will be on peoples lists of what to do next time, although we can still get it wrong even then. Great to catch up with folk having fun with their horses and lots of first timers out on a full PTV course, which I think they will agree is totally different to our indoors series. It was great to see the judges turn out in force too. All in all a grand day out. Roll on Dinnet.  

6/05/2021 – Update – Due to request we have started a memory page for Marlene on the Macmillan site for donations and sharing memories of Marlene.  Please click here to donate. 

26/04/2021 – We had some sad news last week with the announcement of the death of Marlene Ralley former Chair of NEST after a battle with Cancer. She retired to the Isle of Lewis a few years ago but still came over to the mainland to compete when she could.  She was a great ambassador for the sport, and  encouraging others to embrace the sport and travel further afield. She dragged myself and many others on unforgettable adventures, including Marr Lodge weekend, a trip to TREC Ireland, visits to other UK clubs to attend competition’s if not riding then judging, and so much more. Gone much too soon. Our thoughts are with Fraser and Findlay. We are getting our heads together to think of a fitting tribute to this funny, determined, animal loving lady. 

10/04/21 Great news…..At our AGM we all agreed that as a big thank you to our members, for their continued support during the pandemic, the membership fee for the next membership year which runs from 1st October 2021 to 30th September 2022 will be FREE to all NEST paid up members from the current year.

We are back! AGAIN!!

Pre Competition reminder and pointers we all have to run with. Details may change slightly for each venue but the basics remain the same.

If you are going out to compete or train please remember:  There needs to be as few people as possible on site. Do not bring additional people with you. Be on site for the shortest time you can. ‘Arrive, Compete, Leave’ and always maintain social distancing.

It may be hard for you to remember when you first arrive at an event – you will be seeing people you may not have seen for several months. However, be responsible at all times.  You still need to adhere to government guidance in terms of gathering size, continuing to sanitize your hands and social distancing.

Bring your own loo, most loos are out of bounds unless in dire need!

Bring your  horses and your own drinking water and food as there will be no catering.

Please lock cars for security.

Do not graze your horse around the arena and verges.

Riders to be with their own horses at all times unless a member of your family can hold your horse for you. Do not leave your horse tied up unattended, if you must leave them unattended keep them in the trailer/box.

You must stay at least 2m apart from all other people. At all times.

Bring your own washing/sanitizer.

Take rubbish home, Poo pick after your horse. Leave everything as you found it.

Parking leave at least 5-10m apart so you can follow social distancing at all time.

Arrive around your allotted time, not to early  as we need to avoid crowds. Keep clear of the entrances to the school so you stay within 2m of others.

Vaccinations need to be emailed to before the event AND will be added to the TREC GB central database unless you request for us not to add it.

Entry forms the be emailed to

Payments to be made in advance on the website or via BACs as per entry form.

There will be no presentations, all results will be emailed after the event.

Sorry for all the rules and regulations but we have to follow this to get our sport back on the road and so we can all be safe.

Be sensible, be responsible, keep socially distant but do have fun . We are really looking forward to seeing you all again!

TREC GB is the National Governing Body for our sport in the UK.

Red Tier Individual Membership (equivalent to gold membership)

    • Public liability insurance cover 24/7 (up to a claim limit of £20 million)
    • Personal accident insurance (up to a claim limit of £10,000) bespoke to TREC activities. 
    • Free entry to TREC GB winter and summer Leagues.
    • Members only area on the website. 
    • Newsletters.
    • Hoofbeats awards. 
    • Eligibility to vote in TREC GB elections
    • Eligibility to ride at TREC GB Championships (subject to qualification criteria in force at the time)
    • Ability to apply for TREC GB places on international TREC training courses
    • £70 per year from the 1st October 2021

Blue Tier Individual Membership

    • Eligibility to vote in TREC GB elections
    • Eligibility to ride at TREC GB Championships (subject to qualification criteria in force at the time)
    • Ability to apply for TREC GB places on international TREC training courses  
    • Hoofbeats awards
    • Members only area on the website
    • Free entry to TREC GB winter and summer Leagues

£35 per year from the 1st October 2021

For more information go to