League Table

This year the NEST league will run from 1st September 2020 to 30th September 2021. There will be a trophy for the highest placed member in each class.

At all events where a competition is held whether a mini competition or full competition. Points will be awarded to members of NEST. Our perpetual trophies will be presented at the Christmas Dinner and AGM usually held in January.

We have a league for all classes-

Winter competitions –  In hand, Starter, Newcomers, Novice Horse, Intermediate Open, Intermediate, Open, Pairs.

Summer competitions Level 1 Individual & Pairs, Level 2 Individual & Pairs and Level 3 Individual & Pairs.

We also have special trophies for Highest PTV score, Highest POR Score and Most Improved. Prizes to 3rd place and a fancy rosette to 6th place.

1st. 10 pts
2nd. 9
3rd. 8
4th. 7
5th.  and so on to 10th Place.