Provisional League Results 2021 – 2022  Include results from Winter 2021 – 2022 and Summer 2022. If you have a query please email admin.  Remember you must be a member, you must do more than one competition per class, and only the best 4 scores count to the total points. 


Jacob one of our youngest members enjoying his haul

This year the NEST league will run from 1st October to 30th September. There will be a trophy for the highest placed member in each class.

At all events where a competition is held whether a mini competition or full competition. Points will be awarded to members of NEST. Our perpetual trophies will be presented at the Christmas Dinner and AGM. Remember winter classes for 2021 -2022 will be presented in Jan 2023.

We have a league for all classes-

Winter competitions –  In hand, Starter, Newcomers, Novice Horse, Intermediate Open, Intermediate, Open, Pairs.

Summer competitions – These can be a full competition or a part competition eg MA/PTV in a summer format.  Level 1 Individual & Pairs, Level 2 Individual & Pairs and Level 3 Individual & Pairs.

We also have special trophies for Highest PTV score, Highest POR Score and Most Improved. Prizes to 3rd place and a fancy rosette to 6th place.

You must be a member and compete in more than one competition per relevant class to qualify for league placings.

Points will be awarded for placings (1st = 10 points, 2nd = 9 points, etc)  – NEW FOR 2021 – 2022 winter league the best 4 placings for each horse and rider combination will be used to calculate the League standings. In case of a joint  the TOTAL actual PTV scores (from 4 events) will be taken into account.This brings us into line with the TREC GB way and we believe it will make a fairer competition, meaning not just the one that attends the most events gets the prize. We also hope that it will leave people free to make the choice to “give up a competition” to help in the running of an event as the clubs grows.

Most Improved Joint winners Vicki Glasgow and Fleur and Sheila Docherty and Lightning.

Vicki Glasgow and Fleur – We have watched Vicki’s journey with this lovely big bay mare Fleur grow for several years now. She is a sensitive and reactive mare, one of those rare horses that doesn’t get better on the second round, she tolerates doing it again, and isn’t sure why the human wants her to do this stuff which is far below her status. Vicki is a pleasure to watch and appears to sit all calm and cool while she asks Fleur to do the task in hand. 

On the other hand Sheila and Lightning are at the opposite end. Lovely Lightning a coloured cob who rides out for miles with Sheila, who has hours of fun on him now she is retired. But he is economical with his efforts, especially indoors and makes Sheila work hard for every point they get. It has been Sheila’s hard work, perseverance and commitment that has got her where she is today. 

Both ladies also travelled out of the NEST area to compete away from home for the first time last summer to the Scottish champs in Fife. Congratulations ladies, well deserved and great to have you part of  NEST.

Sheila, Lightning and there League awards.


Vicki, Fleur and their  haul from the league presentations.

Special award.  The Marlene Ralley Memorial Plate, Travelling Treccie.  When Marlene died in April 2021 we wanted to remember and celebrate Marlene’s TREC days with us. We asked Marlene’s husband is we could name the traveling Treccie  plate after Marlene because we believe this is what Marlene stood for. Pony adventures, no barriers to stop people having a go. Trying out new places and meeting fabulous new people on the way. Many of us were dragged, sometimes with trepidation, on a Marlene adventure to far flung places, Wales, Southern Ireland, and deepest Endglandshire with horses, sometimes our own or borrowed or hired and had such fun. In the spirit of Marlene and TREC go and adventure with your ponies. Live life to the full and you will enjoy it and have a wee glass to Marlene.


League Results 2020 – 2021

  • Winners are:-
    Juniors – Gordon Walker
  • Mini – Skye Armstrong
  • In hand  – Dot Ralli 
  • Lead Rein – Jacob Dobbie
  • Starter – Alison Findlay  & Crystal
    Pairs – Rosie Barron with Mushroom and Dragon
    Newcomer – Lesely Hinde & Dinkum
    Novice Horse – Vicki Glasgow & Fleur
    Intermediate – Rosie Barron & Dragon, Vicki Glasgow & Fleur, Clare Adam & Bella. 
    Inter Open – Clare Lane & Blue
    Open – Clare Lane & Blue


Level 1 Virginia McKenzie & Flash.

Level 1 pairs Virginia McKenzie & Flash and Victoria McLachlan & Missy.

Level 2 Dot Ralli & Tia

Level 2 pairs Elodie Wagener & Nougat, and Clare Lane & Blue.

Special Awards
Most Improved – Sheila Docherty & Vicki Glasgow.
New to TREC – Alison Findlay & Crystal.
Highest PTV (Both 100%) Shuna Mardon
Club Unsung hero/volunteers Clare Lane, for all your help especially making covering Dot when we need a trailer to be in the right place at the right time. 

League Results 2019 – 2020

Winners are:-
Juniors – Jody Gordon.
Lead Rein – Skye Armstrong
Starter – Gemma Cooper & Nenah
Pairs – Lisa & Jody Gordon
Newcomer – -Victoria MacLauchlan & Flash
Novice Horse – Shuna Mardon & Bonnie
Intermediate – Fiona Grant & Balli
Inter Open – Fiona Grant & Balli
Open – Clare Lane & Blue.
Special Awards
Most Improved – Fiona Grant
New to TREC – Alison Rhind – made even more special as Alison recently lost the lovely Lancelot in a freak accident. Our thoughts are with you Alison, he was a very special boy.
Highest PTV (Both 100%) Shuna Mardon & Elodie Wagener.
Club Unsung hero/volunteers Go to team Barron, The whole family have been and mucked in setting up and taking down and just all round good eggs with lots of hands, and during the pandemic have been invaluable

1st. 10 pts
2nd. 9
3rd. 8
4th. 7
5th.  and so on to 10th Place.